Therapy Oils

Wood Polish 

Fill to top with Distilled Water or Carrier Oil if using on wood. Spray on surface, scrub lightly with soft rag and wipe off. 

   22 drops of Lemon

Spray on wood surface and wipe evenly with clean dry cloth. 

   2 Tbl Olive Oil 

   2 Tbl White Vinegar

  11 drop of Orange

Fill to top with Distilled Water. Spray in air before and after using the toilet. 

   8 drops of Cinnamon  

   8 drops of Clove

   8 drops of Melaeuca

   1/2 Tbl Rubbing Alcohol

​Add ingredients to a 2oz fine mist spray bottle. Shake well before spraying. 

Spray on mattress near cording. Allow to air dry. 

   11 drops of Melaleuca

   11 drops of Peppermint

Spray on leather items and wipe evenly over leather with cloth

   3 Tbl Olive Oil  

   3 Tbl White Vinegar 

   11 drop of Lemon


Yoga Mat



Spray on mat, and wipe clean with cloth. 

   8 drops of Eucalyptus

   9 drops of Lemon

   5 drops of Melaleuca

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