I use Wilton tray #2105-4890 24 cavity silicone pan. 
   1/2c Citric Acid
   1c Baking Soda
   1/2c Cornstarch  -Mix in 1 bowl
   3 Tbl Epsom Salt
   2 Tsp Jojoba Oil
   1 Tsp Veggie oil
   1 tsp water
   2 drops Food Coloring
Add 10-20 drops of YL Lavender Essential Oil
Slowly add liquid to dry ingredients pushing any fizzies down with a spoon. Shape into ball and place in cupcake liner or make pods.  Dry -

Mix and store in spray bottle
    1c. Distilled water
    1/3c Vodka
    1/4c Vegetable Glycerin 
    20  drops YL Lavender Oil

Mix together and store in a glass stainless steel shaker
    2 c Baking Soda
    15 drops YL Lavender

Stink Away

Mix all together except oils in double boiler till melted- cool. Add oils and fridge it for an hour- use a hand mixer and whip it good- put in a glass container.
    1/3c Cocoa Butter
    1/3c Shea Butter
    1/3c Coconut oil
    1/3c Jojoba oil
    2 drops Vitamin E Oil
    25 drops YL Lavender Essential Oil

Clothing/ Linen/ Sheet/ Body /Room Spray- 

Boil then cool and add 10 drops YL Lavender Oil. Pour into spray bottle.
    1c water with 1-2 tsp sugar

    ⅓ c brown sugar
    ⅓ c honey
    ¼ c aloe vera gel
    20 drops YL Lavender Oil

Body Butter

Bath Fizzies

Get the Milliard Lip Balm Crafting kit on Amazon
    1/2c microwaveable beeswax pellets
    1c coconut oil
    15 drops of YL Lavender Essential Oil
    1 drop of vitamin E oil

Microwave according to directions- cool and add oils. Pour into molds.

Mix grated Fels with Washing Soda and Epsom Salt- Add Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar -Add YL Lavender Essential Oil Press into Wilton mold and then dry on parchment paper.
        3c Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
        1c  Fels Naptha bar- grated
        4Tbls Epsom Salt
        6 Tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide
        1/2c Vinegar
        15 drops YL Lavender Essential oil

Carpet Freshener

Foam Soap

Place cotton pads in glass jar with lid

and fill with the following
    ⅓ c Distilled Water
    ⅓c  Witch Hazel
    20   drops YL Lavender Oil

Add together into glass spray bottle and spray into toilet before the bizness.
    2C Distilled Water
    2 Tsps glycerin
    20 drops of YL Lavender Oil

Lip Balm

Use Young Living Lavender Essential oil to flavor cream cheese frosting, water for lavender ice cubes, add to your shampoo, lotions and creams. Use directly as a perfume or with carrier oil. Apply behind the ear, wrists, bottom of feet.

Face Toner Pads

Laundry Pods

Body Scrub


Mix the following with Distilled Water in a ceramic/glass pump bottle:
     2Tbl Dr.Bronner's Lavender liquid soap
     2Tbl Fractionated Coconut Oil
     10 drops of YL Lavender Essential Oil
      2 drops Vitamin E Oil

Therapy Oils